Commissioners’ Cookies

  1. Open to 4-H members ONLY. Do NOT need to be enrolled in a food project.
  2. A variety of at least 3 different kinds of cookies should be included. Each cookie should be wrapped in clear plastic wrap, using a minimum of 2 dozen cookies in jar or container.
  3. Place one cookie of each variety on a plate for judges to sample. Place in clear plastic bag.
  4. Label cookie jar and the sample plate.
  6. The cookies should be imaginatively and attractively displayed in a basket, bowl, cookie jar, tray, or other container.
  7. Commissioners Cookies will be judged on 50% appearance of container, 50% on baked cookies.
  8. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will present their cookies to the County Commissioners on Wednesday at 7:25 pm in the Pavilion.
  9. Judging of Commissioners’ Cookies will be done by the foods judges immediately following the foods judging. Cookie jars should be entered by 10:30 am on Monday at the food judging.

*Class 350 – Commissioners’ Cookies.

*Cannot be exhibited at the State Fair.


1st – $25.00 2nd – $20.00 3rd – $15.00

All others – $5.00