Fair Rules



Section 1 – The Marion County Fair Association reserves to the Board the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrate, settle, and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard to or otherwise arising out of, connection with, or incident to the fair.
Section 2 – In no case shall the Marion County Fair Association, it’s manager, or any party connected with this organization be held responsible for any loss, damage, accident, injury, or death from any cause of people, property, animals, or disease while they or their property are on the fair grounds or any other place at any time. The Fair Association will use all reasonable vigilance in the care and protection of all entries while in charge of the fair. Law enforcement will be on the grounds during the fair.
Section 3 – The Marion County Fair Board hereby gives notification that alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the fair grounds. Violators will be subject to city and state ordinances concerning alcohol on public property.
Section 4 – Any person who violates any rules of the fair, or special rules will forfeit all premiums and privileges and be subject to such penalty as the Board may order.
Section 5 – If it be ascertained that any exhibitor has in an inappropriate manner taken exception to the judge or any officer of the Marion County Fair Association for premiums or exhibiting on grounds, the person shall be asked to leave the grounds.
Section 6 – The Marion County Executive Fair Board will consider all appeals duly filed in writing and verified, if so required. It must be filed with the manager before the close of the show and must be in plain language stating the facts whereon such protest is made. The Executive Board will consider any protests immediately after the show and the manager will announce the decision to both parties in the contest. The premium contested will be forfeited in case the judge’s decision is sustained.


Section 1 – A Superintendent will be appointed for each division, whose duty it shall be to receive exhibits, properly classify them, and assist the judges. Assistants will be appointed where needed.
Section 2 – Entries will be judged on the first day of the fair. Each entry will be judged by the standards and independently within its class. Entries will not be judged against one another.
Section 3 – Exhibitors and observers are not to interrupt the judging in process. Questions may be asked of the superintendent after the class has been judged, and then the judge is to explain the process in question.
Section 4 – A judge, at his/her discretion, may withhold any or all prize money if an article, or animal, in his/her judgment, is not worthy of award. In classes where there is no competition, the first prize will be awarded, if deemed worthy by the judge.
Section 5 – Each division of Open Class may award a Grand and Reserve Champion ribbon for the highest quality entries in the division. If no entries are worthy of these awards neither is required to be given. No special prize money will accompany these awards unless specified.


Section 1 – All entrants must comply with the general and individual division’s rules. Entries will be limited to those exhibitors living in Marion County. No article may be entered after having been previously entered in this fair. Entries will be limited to those exhibitors living in Marion County.
Section 2 – Entry time for all open class exhibits will be as follows: Floriculture: Check in Wednesday from 7:30-10 am only. Foods: Check-in Wednesday morning from 7:30-10 am. All Others: Check-in Tuesday evening from 6-9 pm. An attempt to enter any item not listed in the catalog will be made in order to give opportunity for all entries. No article may be entered after having been previously entered in this fair.
Section 3 – Any case not provided for in the rules shall be referred to each division’s superintendent and the manager for a decision.
Section 4 – All exhibits should remain intact from entry time on Wednesday until removal Saturday at 2:00 pm of the fair. ANY ENTRIES REMAINING ON THE GROUNDS AFTER THE TIME OF REMOVAL AT 3:00 PM SATURDAY OF THE FAIR WILL BE EITHER DISPOSED OF OR DONATED.
Section 5 – The manager and/or the Fair Board reserves the right to remove any exhibit that may have been falsely entered, or deemed unsuitable or objectionable. Furthermore, the fair board may remove any sign, banner, identification mark or signature or advertising matter of any kind which may be deemed objectionable by them without giving any reason thereof, including concessions.


Section 1 – All prize money earned for entries must be picked at the fairgrounds between 2:00-3:00 pm Saturday of the fair at the time of removing entries. All entrants must sign for all accumulative prize money and pick up said prize money on Saturday at the designated open class payout table in the 4-H building on the fairgrounds. FAILURE TO REPORT FOR PAYOUT DURING THIS TIME IS TO FORFEIT ALL PRIZE MONEY.
Section 2 – Prize money will NOT BE PAID for Grand and/or Reserve Champion ribbons.
Section 3 – Prize money awarded will be subject to proration of the Marion County Fair Association (in case entries exceed expectations).


Section 1 – Special care will be taken that no animal having a communicable disease of any nature shall enter the grounds at any time. If any show symptoms of disease or illness during the fair they will need to be removed from the premises by their owners.


Section 1 – 4-H entries and exhibits to be in compliance with the 4-H regulations.
Section 2 – General Rule 1, sections 1-6 are applicable to the 4-H entrants.


Section 1 – The Marion County Fair Association reserves the right to amend and add to these rules, as they, in their judgment, may deem applicable. In the event of conflict of general or special rules, the later will govern.