ATV Rodeo

Sunday, July 28

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  1. We reserve the right to re-work the course at any time during the event.
  2. Stock and modified machines allowed.
  3. Any tire size will be allowed, but chains or spikes will not.
  4. Helmet and goggles must be strapped on before pulling up to the line.
  5. Operator must stay on machine during the run, dismounting from the machine terminates the run. Unless otherwise instructed in event description.
  6. Any machine with a 2WD/4WD switch must stay in one position during the entire run. This applies to certain events such as sled pull and events that are separated into 2WD and 4WD classes.
  7. Once forward progress stops, rider has 5 seconds to resume moving or run is over.
  8. No burnouts will be allowed in the staging areas or between the staging area and the starting line.
  9. Speeds in the return land will be kept low. NO stunt riding (i.e. Wheelies) will be allowed in the return lane. Riders can and WILL be disqualified for inappropriate riding in the return lane.
  10. After completing a race, riders will immediately head to the pit area.
  11. All riders wishing to compete MUST attend the Rider’s meeting before the races can begin.
  12. Once a rider enters the staging lanes, there will be no exiting.
  13. Class jumping will be allowed as long as you are undersized for the class.
  14. Flagman controls the run.
  15. Flagman at the start of the event will raise his hand to start your turn
  16. Flagman at the Finish will drop his hand to end your turn.
  17. Race starts and stops with the flags.
  18. Rider must obey the race official.
  19. In case of a breakdown, each rider is responsible for hooking the towrope to his/her own machine; any and all damages incurred when being pulled are the sole responsibility of the rider.
  20. Knocking over a barrel or cone, or any course infraction, will result in a time penalty for each violation, as determined by the judges.
  21. Exceeding the course limits, including the braking or stop line, will result in a one minute penalty for each violation.
  22. When registering for events, the individual must select their class and age group. The judges reserve the right and may place participants in a class they feel is best for fair competition.
  23. We reserve the right to combine competition classes, in the event of a lack of entries per class to keep winning fair. The number of participants in each class is at the discretion of the judges.
  24. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any display of unacceptable behavior, decided by the judges, will result in disqualification. If the conduct continues, the participant or spectator may be escorted off the premises.
  25. Participants and all ATV riders are required to wear a proper fitting. DOT certified helmet must be worn any time the ATV is in motion. Penalties will be enforced, and to be decided by the judges. Participants are required to wear eye protection.
  26. A time penalty will be applied for each occurrence where it applies to the event. Tipping a barrel or pole, breaking the chalk line barrier, and other rules as defined by the judges.
  27. All participants agree to compete in a fair manner and follow all rules.