Celebrity Goat Milking Contest

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Sunday, July 31 | 1 pm | Pavilion

Got milk? We do!! After the community church services in the arena, hoof it on over to the Pavilion for the celebrity goat milking contest! See your favorite celebrities of Marion County try their hand at milking and cheer on your favorite team! All kidding aside (no goat pun intended), you’ll have an udderly fantastic time!

Goat Milking Contest Rules: Teams of Marion County “Celebrities” have been given a special invitation to participate in this year’s event. Each team requires 3 members. For each round of competition, team members will take their turns at hand milking a goat. The team with the most milk in their bucket at the end of each round will be declared the winner and move on to the next round of competition. The final round will determine the overall champion Celebrity Goat Milking Team. There will be prizes for the First, Second, and Third place teams, and a Golden Udder award for the team who UDDERLY deserves recognition. Come on out and see our celebrities in action! There is fun for everyone!