Demolition Derby

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Saturday, July 27 | 7 pm | Marion County Fair Arena


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2019 Fair Book PDF

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Applications and Releases

2018 Demolition Derby Results

Powder Puff

1st Carla Hamm,
2nd Liz Johnson,
3rd Jena Terrell

Lawn Mower

1st Jasee Hamm,
2nd Seth Schneider,
3rd Parker Schultz

Figure 8

1st Nathan Amstatz,
2nd Mike Brandt,
3rd Jared Dyck


1st Dustin Horn,
2nd Joe Stringer,
3rd James Spohn


1st Evan Slater,
2nd Troy Hett,
3rd Blake Stringer

Mad Dog

Tristen Hett


1st Dalton Graves/Matt Bowers
2nd Blaize Lehman
3rd Russell Klenda/Josh Cataneda