Kids’ Pedal Pull

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Wednesday, July 24 | 7 pm | Marion County Fair Grounds

Check-in at 6:30pm, Pull at 7pm

Admission is free to the general public


All participants receive free sno cones compliments of Hillsboro Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Top three finishers in each age category will receive a medal.


Below is a link to the rules for the Kids Pedal Pull.

Pedal Pull Rules

2018 Results:

Pedal Pull Winners

4 Year Old Class

1st Rylee Houseman
2nd Quin Janzen
3rd Camdyn Hajek

5 Year Old Class

1st Brendan Jost
2nd Trent Summervill
3rd Olivia Gillespie

6 Year Old Class

1st Charlotte Silhan
2nd Kyle Epp
3rd Eli Suderman

7 Year old Class

1st Broden Loewen
2nd Tucker Weber
3rd Samuel Groening

8 Year Old Class

1st Rusty Wyss
2nd Jaxson Gillespie
3rd Tanner Gentry

9 Year Old Class

1st Jaeten Loewen
2nd Jackson Kleiber
3rd Zachery Schlesener

10 Year Old Class

1st Lauryn Vogt
2nd Landon Hein
3rd Maria Carlson

11 Year Old Class

1st Karalyn Krispense
2nd Cash Walles
3rd Daniel Rziha

12 Year Old Class

1st Aden Nickel
2nd Alex Scott