Tough Truck

2018 Vehicle Safety

  1. Open to any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder car, truck, van or SUV. (2 wheel or 4 wheel drive
  2. Any vehicle that enters the competition must pass a basic safety inspection by Marion County Fair Officials.
  3. Vehicle must be in good mechanical condition and must have good working brakes.
  4. All Fuel cells or original fuel tanks must be securely fastened.
  5. Vehicle must have a working seatbelt or racing harness which the driver must wear at all times while the vehicle is in motion.
  6. Roll Bar / Roll Cage is highly recommended, but not required for any hard top vehicle. Any Soft or open top vehicle must have a approved roll bar / roll cage.
  7. All pickup trucks must have a clean bed and all bodies must be secured to frames. All Tailgates must be secured or removed.
  8. No loose objects of any kind in or on any part of the vehicle. This includes, but not limited to, drivers compartment, box or bed of truck and under/behind seats.
  9. Vehicles must have stock frame with shocks located in stock factory locations.
    1. Only DOT approved tires. Cut, ground or bar tires are not allowed
    2. Suspension lifts are allowed.
    3. No nitrous oxide, super charges or turbos allowed. (Factory turbos and factory supercharges allowed)
  10. After market headers and exhaust are allowed.
  11. Additional safety regulations and / or rules may be imposed at race time.


  1. Idle speed is mandatory at all non-competition times: this includes the pit area, entering and leaving the track. Vehicle must come to a complete stop after each run and follow directions of the officials. No moving vehicles unless approved by an official.
  2. Only ONE person in the vehicle.(NoPassengers)
  3. All drivers must wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet. Eye protection is required if helmet is open faced design.
  4. All drivers must wear protective clothing – Long sleeve shirts/jackets, pants and shoes/boots are required.
  5. If a red flag is waived by an official anytime during the race, the driver must stop immediately. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  6. Any vehicle that is disqualified will not receive any prize money.
  7. Vehicles are allowed to be driven by more than one person. But required to purchase pit pass for the additional driver
  8. Vehicle may display advertisements but nothing obscene.
  9. There is no entry fee, but everyone that enters the pits must purchase a pit band for $25, including the driver.
  10. All vehicles must be signed in 2 hours before event time. Pits open at 3 pm, racing action starts at 6 pm.
  11. Prize money will be paid to the top 3 tough trucks. (see event payout)
  12. Drivers must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license and a signed parental waiver. All drivers are required to attend drivers safety meeting held before the show.
  13. Pit crew is not allowed on the track. Drivers are responsible for their pit crew members
  14. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUG USE!! Any driver or crew member that appears to be impaired may be disqualified and removed from the grounds. Marion county fair reserves the right to disqualify or refuse entry for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.